this is an image of our flavor of the month. Organic oils no sugar added no calories


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KONA is back for the MAY FLAVOR of the MONTH and we guarantee

your taste buds will take you on a trip over seas with every sip of this HAWAIIAN inspired flavored coffee....

KONA coffee is delicious and so tropical with a splash of BLOOD ORANGE!!

Tastes like a trip to Hawaii.... in the comfort of your own home.

*Each month we reveal a NEW yummy flavor to our arsenal. It's super fun and full anticipation waiting for the next flavor to be revealed.

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Our flavors are an Organic oil with NO Alcohol an NO sugars added.

NOTE: If you add a FLAVORED COFFEE to your SUBSCRIPTION....EACH MONTH it will be a DIFFERENT FLAVOR.....AND can CHANGE at any given moment if we SELL OUT of current flavor.

NOTE: Currently available in KCUPS. (K cups may take longer to ship.)