About us


Never in our wildest dreams did we ever dream up we'd Build our own Roastery and start serving our community with top of the line, fresh roasted coffee beans. But here we are, after quite a few nudges from friends and family, we gave it a go.

It all started with the curiosity of, "how can we roast our own beans, drink amazing coffee EVERYDAY while not spending a fortune??

So the roasters wife bought him his 1st tiny roaster

(aka: popcorn popper with the ability to roast ONLY 1/4 of a cup each roast), 8-1 lb bags of green beans and he hasn't stopped roasting since.

A passion was definitely lit that Christmas morning.

A few years fast forward. Our "future roaster" built a pole barn for storage but really GOD had other plans.

1 yr later the summer of 2018, our son left for the Army. Still no coffee roastery was in the plans...but nudges kept coming. Lots of nudges!!

One of our sons 1st letters home he told us his nickname was now ROADS...in the shower he would sing John Denvers "COUNTRY Roads take me home," it became his and our families theme song...Little did we know...6 wks after his graduation...we would bag our 1st bags of coffee...we SOLD OUT & received tons of re-orders. Who knew??

That's when "COUNTRY ROADS" was born. In 4 months time we upgraded roasters 3 times and in 8 months became a CERTIFIED ROASTERY. All the time thru everything God is good!!!!

The Clouse Family