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Black & Tan

A perfect SMOOTH MIDDLE of the ROAD combination of a LIGHT & DARK roast.

Costa Rica

Renowned for its RICH aroma, bright acidity, light body and fruity notes. Costa Rica is known world wide for its top quality Coffee. We bring it home and roast it to perfection.Toffee, Caramel, Rich C...


swiss water process (a natural process) with absolutely NO CHEMICALS used to extract caffeine


Have you tried our espresso? Our secret is in our 3 bean blend. Bold and guaranteed it will leave you wanting more...and craving that chocolate Aftertaste.


Very Smooth, Juicy with subtle berry & chocolate notes. Roasted to a medium, well balanced roast.


JANUARY FLAVORS: CARAMEL PECAN PIE & WINTER WONDERLAND (a creamy peppermint blend) *Each month we reveal a NEW yummy flavor to our arsenal. It's super fun and full anticipation waiting for the next fl...


The perfect balance of full bodied, strong and sweet with gentle acidity and very complex flavor notes. Roasted to perfection at Country Roads Coffee. notes of sweet apple, creamy caramel and cocoa

K cups

A perfect cup of COUNTRY ROADS COFFEE in a little K cup.12 single pods in a box.


Our Sumatra is roasted to a perfect Medium/Dark roast, stopping the roast mere seconds into caramelizing. It brews a super smooth cup with a rich, full and heavy body. Bold, Herbal, Cocoa